OK. Well, good morning…

I will try to make a post in english. Yeah. I don’t know what I’ll say, actually. Cause my english is shooo bad. Less vocab, do not understand ’bout grammar anymore, never practice it in daily life, and yeah…. that’s why I would like to try to make a baby. Mmmm.. nope. Just kidding 😉 make a post, I mean.

First I will introduce myself. My name is Milla Christi Amelia. I’m from Indonesia, a WOWnderful country. I love my country so much although sometimes… mmm how I say that. Sometimes I just feel too bad to be Indonesian people. I don’t understand the it’s cultures, you know that Indonesian cultures are plentyful quite plenty, ‘Manhi’ in korean. ‘Banyak’ in Indonesian.

Aaaaakk, I wanna give up but…. I have to try this. Writinge a post in english.

OK. I’ll continue to introduce myself. Please call me Amel or Christ, not Milla. If I got my english better, I will try to explain why. Hehe. I’m confused. Really. Mmm OK next about me. I was born on august 4th 1995. Now I’m 19. Aaaakk almost 20!!! 20 maybe like a hell cause I’m not a girl anymore. I’ll grow up to be a beautiful great young lady. Many challenges absolutely comes in 20, I think. Graduation, and then have to find a job to keeping alive. Being adult is definitely happened. Every people will face it.

Now, I’m studying psychology in Padjadjaran University in Jatinangor, Bandung, West Java. Now I’m in 4th semester. AAAKK closer to graduation. Two more years again!!!! Aaameeen. I‘d love to learn about psychology because in psychology I try to understand others. I learn about other people, ’bout their life, ’bout their characters. And damn I love it! And, do you know the most I love to learn? Sex. Yohooo! Soon, I’ll be a good aWOWsome sexologist. Aameen, God.

Sex, I mean there is not having a sex but learn about sexuality, disorders, healing theraphy, aaand yeah, all about sex education. Sexologist, I’m going to be. It’s my choice. My passion.

I have a younger crazy fuckin’ crazy little brother named Sandi. Sorry. But I love him, a little. We’re always fight all day, when we meet each other. We never show our sympathy, we don’t care about each other. One day, our mother gave us knife in each hand when I and my brother had a big fight. Huh. My brother is trully asshole. But, he is still my brother. Soon, I promise we will have a better relation. Promise.

My life, sometimes is complicated. Mmm it’s because of my characters. Overthinking, moody. So, I faced my life with poorly atttitude. Mad, unmood, aaahh this is annoying. And I have try to be better, of course. In psychology I learn how to be a good people by with a good attitude. Learn how to understand ownself and others of course.

My big dream is makeing myself always happy. I hope it’ll realize that’s all going to be real.

OK. That’s these are little things about me. Sorry for any mistakes. Thanks for reading!!! 🙂

This post had revision by Cwai. So much thank you honeeeyy :*


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