Dear Man


Yeah…. One more error. I miss you. Already. I have no words to say…


Have you forget me? A girl with many acnes in her face. A girl with fat in her body. A bad girl who always have negative thinking.

Dear Man…. I really already miss you. So much…

I wanna lay down in your shoulder, dear Man.. I wanna share aaalll of my problems to you. All. I wanna cry in front of you, Man.

Have you remember? When we walked together and we were happy to wasting time together. I don’t know about your feeling but that’s what I feel, Man. Happiness. Laugh.

Man… I really missed you. Already.

Dear Man, kapan kita berjumpa (lagi)?


2 thoughts on “Dear Man

  1. akhridhal syafaad says:

    Oke aida. Usahamu bagus untuk doa di blog.
    Semoga teman-teman smp mu tidak melihat ya.
    Kalau kamu mau jodoh, nanti saya sampaikan ya ke pak udung.
    Biar pak udung kawinkan kamu dengan domba garut kualitas eksport.
    He he he

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