For man, who already gone like a wind in the afternoon.


Remember me? Woman who kisses you in second rounds of our game? Your game, for truth. Remember?

If you forgot or something, please just read this and recall them to your memory. My lips, my tongue, my neck, cheek… At least parts of my body you touch to started that fucking tragedy. Our first kiss. My first kiss.

For you, a man who already gone like a bird in the morning foggy day and brought my memory to dreams in reality… You already touched my heart deeply like ocean in the night sky. Very deep. Very fucking deep feeling.

For you, an asshole who stole my first kiss, a jerk who left me with many questions of why, tell me your feeling and I’ll be OK like baby with her mom’s nimple in mouth. I’ll be very OK and accept all words out from your fucking mouth.

For you, my first man who ever standing towards my face, fuck my ass and I’ll fuck up your cock back and you can leave me one minute later. So, you can say that I was a very stupid inexpensive bitch, my pussy doesn’t satisfy your cock, and I’ll go from your day and never looking for your heart again…

For you, the fucking only one man who kisses my fingers and sweeps my hair with your fucking lips, please remember the day you fucked my lips and find that my eyes were open, so in twice, I tried very well to feel you.

And you leave me?

How fuck are you, man!






a woman who you kissed at october 23th for 15 minutes in that fucking glowing evening.


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