Ok. I’ll try to accept. So, I promise to myself that i’m going to be happiest woman in the world cause there’s no bastard like you in my life.

I’m sorry for not so long title but very long haha. Two weeks, and till now, I still remember that fucking tragedy. A man who stole my first kiss, indomie goreng, feeling deeply cause his touch that makes my function of sex up *if you know what I mean haha fvck, how that fucking asshole like you gaze at me like he really loves me and this feeling is so stupid…

Till a second ago, I still ask myself, “why are you so stupid, Amelia?” OMG fuck I can’t stop blaming myself like I am.. like I am the one actrist in this tragedy. You know asshole, indeed.. although I know this is your fault bcz u leave me like a fucking luzzer, I still blame at myself. Whereas, I know the most idiot people who made that fucking tragedy is you. In fact.

And maybe… 

Your fucking decision to leave me is the best way to safe me from an asshole’s cock. Thx 4 this. THX. BIG THX. OMG I feel like I am the most gratefull people in the world. Thanks, God.

Two weeks and it’s not easy to forget that tragedy, my first kiss. And now I still in a step when I denial aaaall things about you bcz my agreement –to myself of course, to kick your ass with my foot like you’re a rubbish, and I’ll throw you to appropriate place for that disgusting thing.

You, bastard. I promise that you’ll get what do you want even it’s so hard to get. And you can’t get rid of myself from your brain cause my wishes to you granted by God. Please, God. 

You’ll never forget dat fuckng kisses, dan kamu akan selalu merinding ketika membayangkan bibir perempuan, karena selalu ada aku di bayangmu. Aku bersumpah, akan mendoakanmu mati-matian untuk ini.

Kau pikir aku tidak dapat bahagia? Tentu tidak. Malah sebaliknya. Aku berdoa agar kau selalu baik, dari ujung kepala hingga ujung kaki, pun memorimu yang masih merekam habis bagaimana bibirku tak berdaya ketika kau lumat untuk pertama kali itu.

Aku dendam? Tentu. Jangan tanyakan. Hingga belum menemukan penggatimu, aku masih akan tetap menjadi gadis kecil yang pendendam. Tenang, kau akan selalu bahagia. Namun dalam bahagiamu, selalu ada aku di pikirmu. Selalu ada gadis malang yang berharap lumatan bibirmu lagi.

Kau akan bahagia dalam bayang-bayang tentangku, aku janji.

Thanks, bastard. Sorry, I can’t keep my promise to not to make a post about you again. This is truly my wish for you, bastard. For an asshole who leave me and make my worlds gone….for a while.

Cause I promise myself to accept all about you includes your decision to leave me. Thanks God, I will try to be more happy. To be more productive without fucking bastard on my mind. 


❤ From me, a little girl who already missed your kiss. Our kiss.


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