I need…


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Ok. I nude…. sorry, I need…

First. Someone. Treat me well like I emmm…. something he/she wanna guard with aallll his/her heart. And… They’ll never let me broke.


Friend/s to breaksfast with. And we’ll talk anything. About broken toast cause we’re indonesian haha. About soto with full of sambals…. Anything.


Go out the town but I won’t alone. I need someone who ask me, “Hello, babe, wanna go with me? For a trip maybe? Or just walking outside?” And of course I’ll answer, “Yeah, I want, babeh!”


Someone who reply all my chats quickly.


Someone ask me…

“You ok?”

“Why? Tell me.”

“Come, on, do it together.”

“Let’s go to XXI!”

“McD or KFC?”

“I think… This book’s better cause bla bla bla… So, you must choose this one.”


Meet someone new. Cause now, I feel… I’m so lonely…. broken angel *singing* Sorry kidding. I just felt…. no. I feel my heart’s so thirsty. My heart’s starving. And I tried to find someone who can stand by me, but no one can.


I Chatted almost 5 people I know and then, no one rspnd me well. So, yay…

So… I feel like OMG I need something like… You, know? Anything make you happier like that?



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