Almost 1/3 holiday (?) I really don’t know when the end of this holiday.

What are you doing at the holiday?

I do many things. Like people usually do, in holiday (maybe), actually. Sleeping for more than 10 hours, browsing for anything (social media, article about gossip, etc), playing game (read: the sims), having good meals without paying bills, watching television for more than 3 hours, laying down on the bed…. and… doing nothing important. Something not productive, exactly. Yay, you know.

Having a good shower is not important anymore, in the holiday. Cause I felt like my body is clean everytime without any sweats out, yay, cause I am doing nothing, for sure. For your information, the last shower I had is…. yesterday wkwk when my old friends came to my hause haha. Syuper LOL. I think many people who read my post are same. Yay or noy? Haha.


I wanna tell you something.

I found a man. Really man. Adult people. A man. Not from Indonesia. He lives in another country, but still in Asia, not to far from Indonesia. He found me from my social media account.

He is so weird because omaigat he forced me to give him my phone number, because I rarely open my dm on instagram. He was very expressive on his social media, I think. Cause, when Im not replied his message, he was immediately post some words like this: “I do respect a girl who replies when some guys chat her to approach her phone number…. better answer with no bla blabla…” and in the end of those words, he said “these types of girls are real BITCHES!”


And yeah, after reading those words I immediately replied his message and final(yeay) gave him my phone number and my line id….

And yeay, he called me… for maybe 15 minutes. Cause I really worried about my english wahaha. But I do understand what he says about…. and for dumb omg I just can laughed at him when he told me about his experience about…. sexuality. YAY. So, at the moment I knew… that he just curious about me… curious about my ass. Really.

So, yay. In the end, he said, “Im sorry I have to go. Have a nice day!”

And he never chats nor calls me again. Yeah. He is not interesting with my ass. Hahaha.



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