A month being bandungnese (Intro)

Hello, fellas!

I’m gonna tell you about my experiences during my internship in Bandung.

After I finished my exam in this semester, I think that I have to know more about “how to be a good worker at least a dependable worker in the working world”. Worker? Employee maybe can be a better diction than worker. Ah. Sama aja lahya.

Ya. I have a dream, and I forgot it till I woke up in that day, after slept for more than 6 hours maybe. My dream is… earn money as much as I can. To buy a car for my father, so we can go to the beach and see a beautiful sunset like we do before at (maybe) 2006. To buy a washing machine for my mother so she will never had wounds again in her hand when she washed our clothes. To buy a new bed, sofa, TV, and other worth stuff to make our home looks good and beatiful.

To get more happiness.

Ya. Till now I wrote this post, I still believe that money can buy anything, include happiness. Agree?

So, I tried to build my dream again.

And I was started.

First, I went to two companies and gave my curriculum vitae and internship application letter, with expectations to get many experiences that useful to next work I want, to get more friends and relations….and also partner in love HAHA. to get much money, at least in one periode of the internship I can buy new handphone to make everything easier (updating, studying, blogging, getting information, etc).

Sadly… one of the company, can’t accept my CV and IAL cause I was too late. HIKS.

And then… after waiting for almost two weeks, finally, another company called me and gave me a chance to be a “real” worker and to be a part of their family.


The task I’ve got maybe not really relate with my study…. but I am sure I can give my best and learn many things, and eventually can improve my skills, especially in writing and networking, and also speaking (I wish). 

AND NOOOWWW, this night, I’m here, in my friend’s room in her boarding house in Bandung, preparing myself for my first workday tomorrow YEAY! GOD, I AM SO EXCITEEEDDD!!!

Haha, and for sure, I will be a Bandungnese a.k.a Bandung people for a month start from today till next month! HAHA. YIHAAAAA!

I hope, I can write my internship stories after I finished my work, so I can tell you how happy I am during my internship WOOHOO!!

Thanks for reading!



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