Tell Me. How To Put Out Your Hates and Being Normal As Usual.

I still confusing many things, really. Being alone is killing me softly (Re: The Fudges and ah I can’t remembered). Missing someone closed is very sucks like you wanna sleep but you can’t cause your stomatchahe so you felt uncomfort all the night.

Tell me. How can this feeling happened, when you decided to go and never coma back, then you miss the moment, the people, the life you wanna leave for?

I remembered how affections and helps comes, then I laughed, I felt lovely, I’m happy, I’m sad, then I laughed again, I felt so in love again, and yay… making friends, socialize, set friends as bestfriends… are… such a pleasure.

People heard you…

Then make some advices…

You did what people said to you because you think you’ll better then…

Surrounded by your best friends laughs, humors, stupidities, smiles, stories…

You will miss those things already, right? When you decided to leave and you remembered the moments?

I will. I do.

So. Tell me, please.

How to put out your hates and set your face, your heart, your brain, to forget it, and being normal as usual?

Cause a few second ago I realized.. that I won’t leave people who made me smile, my best friends. I need them, idk they need me or not, but I don’t care. 

So, tell me, please. What should I do then?


2 thoughts on “Tell Me. How To Put Out Your Hates and Being Normal As Usual.

    • Agnicia Rana says:

      Some people leave me. Not all of them, but someone close to me, my best friend. Idk. I just wanna make myself comfort with loneliness, bcs expecting others can be always beside us is impossible.

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