Temporarily Broken

Well, there’s no wrong being alone without friends nor boyfriend, really. But, you know, in your deeply heart, you need someone caring you, caring your heart, wishing your life happier. And you know this so well because that “one” tells to you how precious you are.

In this rainy night, with difficult feelings, I decided to moved. From my friends, my only man I loved, my failed mission. I really wanna have my life back. But I know I can’t demand anything from anyone.

People’s life are for leaving, right?

In time we don’t know when, we will die, and never come back. We will leave people we loved, we’ll leave many memories on people’s brain (I hope), we’ll leave anything we have.

And we have to start to be ready for.

My heart broken many times, because people’s decisions. Why? I expect to much, of course. I was never realized that people’s tasks in this world are to leaving each other. At least, till now when I just woke up and found that myself alone on the bed while raining outside.

And it’s hurt, really. Leaving people you loved is really hurt.

My heart  broken many times, while people come and my heart was sticked too hard, then they were left, already. It’s not my first time. But the feelings always like this. HURT. BROKEN.

Hold your feeling from the “one” should have to know is also HURT. You love him/her, and you just can imagine how happy you are with him/her but the reality is fuck. 

And your dreams… Dreaming is free. But to get them, you should pay for the cost. Effort, pain, rejection, hard work… You should be ready for all possibilities, including “to fail”, “to broke”, “to fall”, and “to wake up” again and again.

Thanks for the rain, God. 

Thanks for the books I bought. 

Thanks for the time that still counting till I don’t know when.

I hope the rains, books, and times will help me to forget, and I’ll get really ready to face the life so well again 🙂

Note: This temporal’s broken heart will repair soon.


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