Keep Calm, Amelia

Yes, I just sent another man a message to confirm why he’s so late and there’s no reply. Always. I fell so stupid! Yes I am.


Actually those words are from my mind thoughts cause I really really worry abour someone. Ya. Like I said before, this kind of man is… my sixth man. Oh God I feel like i’m such a player, God, pardon.

Ya. After I wrote the first paraghraph, finally he replied my message. He said that there an accident on his bed (re: in indonesia: ketiduran). Yash. For… maybe 2 hours. And after he replied and I sent back my answer (and I found my cheeks getting more pinky. OH FUCK), he gone again.

And makes me waiting for 2 hours again because of the same thing. KETIDURAN.

You know, I dont know how the ending of my stories about love. But till now, I still cant believe any words out from men fucking mouth including him, my number 6′ man. I know, I never really really literally accomplish my affairs with men before. But ya. I just trying.

To leave from tha shits.

And is that wrong? To acc invitation again? Invitation to come to someone’s heart? FUCK LOL.

God, thanks for this busy time You gave to me, so I just wanna escape and declare that I wanna forget aaalll last night’s memories. When we both connected because of the fucking usefull technology and sharing and laughing and… ya. Please give me an energy to forget all about him, God. I want to stop hoping someone. Please.



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