For Arami, A Woman Inside My Heart, Romi’s Gonna Be.

Dear Arami, my truly woman I want to live with.

First, thanks for giving me a chance to love you, my love, Arami. I really really never imagine that I found you, already found my only one to love ’till I forget that love is nothing. Of course, love is nothing without you, Arami.

I never imagine that my heart falls into you, the most wanted girl in the whole world because her kindly heart, attitude, and the way she loves others. And you gave me a chance to prove that I love you so much. More than my hobbies.

You’re the third in my heart after God and my mother, for now and ’till the time I don’t know when.

You are the only person who never gives me a choice to hate you, to not love you like an addicted crazy man without drugs. Yes. You are my drugs, Arami. Without you, I feel my world gone.

I’m not a romantic man, actually. I love movies like crazy. I love games to escape my stressful situations. I love humor. You know that I’m a fan of Mr. Bean and Charlie Chaplin, right? Ah! I also love Raditya Dika. As a comedian, of course.

And I love sex, actually. But please don’t afraid. Don’t be mad, cause I never do that fucking pleasure activity except with my own hands, maybe ’till the night accepting our proposal to do that, the most enjoyable  intimate activity. I hope. No no no, just kidding, babe. Hehe.

But.. one thing you should know is…

I’m addicted to you, Arami. You know? I can spend my long day just to thinking of you, my only woman I want to meet every day. Cause I miss you every day, love.

I’m not promise this feeling will permanently stuck in my heart also my brain throughout my life, pear. Because… As everyone know that we will grow old and find new people every day. People’s heart changes every time. This senses to you also will change dynamically.

Maybe sometimes we will feel bored and tired with all dramas we’ve been made. Because the facts are usually not always good as our dreams, right?

Maybe in your period, every month, you will hate and punish me like a young beautiful crazy murderer even because of my tiny fault. You’re so creepy like a monster in your period, hon. I dont lie, really.

Maybe… I’m not your future.

People changes every time, again and again.

The things I can promise to you are…

I will take care of you like a baby who needs love every single day. I promise. Sure, I promise that I never hurt you, my own half, my happiness.

I promise, ’till the time I become a “man” who can treat you well like crazy, I’ll be a good boy for only woman I absolutely want right now. You. Arami.

Save my heart ’till the end, Arami.

The boy who gave you his heart two years ago


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