For Romi, A Boy Who Gave Me His Heart.

Dear, my boy Romi, my future. I hope. 

Thank you love, for your sweet fingers. Hihi. Thanks for your sweet letter, Hon. I already embarrassed like a little girl who kissed by her new boyfriend.

I miss you like a hunger puppy waiting for her feed. I can’t stand calm, worried, because I want you so much right now.


Thanks for your heart. I will keep yours as soon as possible, with all power I have. Really. I promise. You will always be my lovely boy, my breath, my only cherry on my mind.

I have no words to describe how blessed my life because of you, hon. Cause the truth is… I have only a reason to love you.


I love you so much.

You will stay.. ’till the end. I promise.

The woman who loves you every single day her have


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